Ale that is ALIVE

Our range of ales and beers are bottle conditioned, natural and unfined.  We don't use additional finings or pasteurisation processes to kill off the yeast and arguably other rich flavours.  This leaves our ales and beers 'alive' and full of taste right from the bottle.  There will always be a small amount of sediment to the bottom of the bottle which can either be left by pouring slowly or mixed in, giving a slightly cloudy look.

This, in our opinion, leaves all the taste in the bottle and allows for natural carbonation.  Many Micro Breweries are now adopting this more traditional technique and although we have been taught that 'bright clear' beers and ales are the norm and somehow a cloudy pint must have something wrong with it, this is far from the truth.

Beers from the Continent have been cloudy and these have been gaining traction here in the UK for some time.  Many Belgium Wheat beers are cloudy and this trend is now moving across to cloudy Ciders.

So, if you want to taste beer that has all the flavour left inside the bottle, the Hickbrew traditionally brewed range of ales and beers are the perfect choice.

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